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Citrus Park 50+ Softball

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$1,000 scholarships funded by the CP 50+ Softball league were presented to two deserving students from the inaugural graduation class of Bonita Springs High School on May 19th. The scholarships were awarded to Jonathan Ortiz and Melanie Seife. The awards were presented on behalf of the league by Arlene Johnson and Jim Beall.

From an email to Jerry Hopkins, Executive Chairperson:


Sorry to bother you and not to be an alarmist, but while playing and watching games I see many people in and around the bleachers including players not observing the mask wearing or social distancing guidelines. If this continues I can easily foresee the games being shut down or much worse, people becoming ill. I had COVID-19 in March and know firsthand it is NO JOKE.

Please remind all coaches and players and fans to rigorously observe the rules regarding mask wearing and social distancing.

Thank you and best regards,

George Friberg

The softball league has suspended the recycling of aluminum can for this season although the league still encourages residents to recycle. Click here for more details...

As a reminder, the CP Softball Executive Board recommends that all players/spectators who arrive in the park self quarantine at least seven(7) days before attending or participating in any activity at the softball complex.

Click here to read the latest Covid 19 player guidelines 11-23-20

To view the 2021 Softball Pandemic Guidelines click here.